A Virtual Conference Platform for Your Online Events

Plan your virtual conference with EventX, the best online conference platform.

EventX provides a great online experience with many advanced features. Your attendees will enjoy its potential for engaging and interactive participation.  

Use the best online conference platform to connect event attendees, speakers, and organizers in one place


Online Networking, Made Easy

Let your attendees meet each other during the breakout sessions and after the webinars. Support real-time communication in a virtual conference platform.

Multi-communication channels:
  • Private chat room
  • Email message
  • Video meeting scheduling

Share event ideas and materials easily

The online conference allow exhibitors to display branded materials. Let attendee view and download banners, leaflet, video and exchange contact.

Customize event agenda and other branded event materials

Attendees can check the online conference agenda and watch live, semi-live, on-demand videos they want.

Attract Online Attendees From Anywhere


Design Branded Landing Pages

With our professional design team, you are able to deliver a branded and bespoke landing page to showcase your online conference in an impressive light and optimize for conversions.


Customize online registration forms

Design branded registration form with integrated payment methods, multiple ticketing types, and customizable questions to understand your attendees better


Track Online Conference Performance

Consolidate attendee data, their event activity and post-event survey

Instantly track attendee before, during and after event, record their activities while using the virtual conference hosting platforms. A comprehensive report will also be automatically generated after the event.

See how others use EventX virtual events platform

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