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Virtual Event Management Solutions

For those looking to fully embrace our technology and make their event the most streamlined and cost efficient as possible.

Hybrid Event Management Solutions

For those looking to combine the online and the offline to have the best of both worlds and all the benefits our technology has to offer.

Event Management Software

For those looking to streamline their operations and to make the planning and management of their events more efficient with technology.

We offers a full stack of software for you to manage events from start to finish.

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What is Event Management Software?

Event management software is software that can help you streamline all your processes and eliminate any operational and administrative inefficiencies. We do this by automating all of your operational and administrative processes and integrating them onto an online platform allowing you to focus your resources and energy on the event experience. And at EventX what we have is truly an easy-to-use end-to-end event management solution.

End to End Event Management Platform

Event Preparation

Manage your registration, attendees data, global ticketing, emails & SMS notifications with our full feature platform


Feature rich & immersive virtual environment to showcase your brand, interact with your audience & partners while delivering impactful contents

Analyze Your Success

Evaluate data including attendee surveys and virtual platform analytics to understand users behaviour, content preferences. Leverage on essential data points to propel the next events.

How can Event Management Software help me?

Event management software can help you reduce the time and resources dedicated to operational and administrative tasks, it can also help you save costs and increase your ROI by increasing the efficiency in your allocation of time and resources. Our easy-to-use platform can help organisers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees alike make the most of their time at the event.
By modernising your event format to a hybrid or virtual event this will allow you to fully maximise all the benefits and features of our event management software.

With the flexibility of our event management software, event format possibilities are endless. The following is just a small example of virtual event formats we have helped host:

A Simple Comparison Between Physical and Virtual Events

Physical Events (without EMS) Virtual and Hybrid Event solutions


Higher cost base
Lower cost base


Restricted to size of venue
International/Boundaryless – unrestrictive global reach

Content distribution

Constrained by time, location and physical distribution speeds
Targeted, simultaneous and instant


Limited by physical face time capacity
Flexible, live and with chat box messenger capability

Data and Analytics

Onerous or inaccurate

Can be automated and fully tracked.

Barriers to engagement

Travel, weather etc

Easy access, on-demand, replay etc

Why EventX is the Best Platform for You

We are the experts in event management software in Asia

Our platform has localised web access to all major Asian countries including China

Our platform has language support capabilities for all major Asian Languages and Dialects

Our team speak all major Asian languages and dialects to help support you best

Time zone

EventX Software – Key Technical Features:

  • End-to-end branded experience
  • Virtual 3D demonstration capabilities
  • Digital Registration, Ticketing and attendee management
  • Built-in 1:1 and group video conference capability
  • Live and pre-recorded video playback
  • Live analytics tracking and analysis reporting
  • Scalable, stable and secure – First to be ISO 27001 certified in Asia

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    Event Registration

    With EventXtra, you could set up an online form to collect contacts easily. What’s more, our platform allows you managing the status of delegates, as well as notifying them via email/sms easily.


    During Event


    EventXtra’s onsite check-in app enables you to impress your delegates starting from the entrance. Track attendance in real time, as well as print their name badges instantly. Keep them updated with our comprehensive event app.


    Measure Event Success

    Use EventXtra to review the effectiveness of your events by analyzing attendance by segments and conducting a delegate survey.


    API and Integrations

    Easily connect with other marketing and sales software that you are using to save time in data synchronization. Learn more.



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