Have the Best Event you can. Have a Hybrid Event.

EventX are Asias’ leading Hybrid Event Platform. Learn more about Hybrid events and how you can maximize your lead generation through transitioning from a physical event to a hybrid event.


What are Hybrid Events?

A hybrid event is an event that merges the live in-person physical experiences with virtual online components creating a dual online and offline event. By using our proprietary technology, we are able to enhance the experience of event attendees and maximise the impact for the exhibitors, sponsors and your stakeholders. 

Furthermore with our technology, event organisers can streamline their operations and focus solely on the hosting of their events. Minimising the organisational costs and maximising your event ROI.

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Why Events are Going Hybrid

For organisers the incorporation of technology will be able to streamline and reduce the operational and administrative burden of managing events helping them 节省成本 and increase their efficiency. 

For exhibitors and sponsors the reach of a hybrid event extends far beyond any geographical limitation’s attendees will face, giving them the best possible reach and engagement possible for their needs.

The Benefits of Hybrid Events

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Combining the Online with the Offline – Best of Both Worlds

The greatest benefit of a hybrid event with EventX is that we will take 所有最好的功能 of both the online and offline experiences and incorporate it into your event. 

Because of this your event will have the traditional attraction of a physical event and the unrivalled reach of a virtual event.

Better Lead Generation and ROI

By adopting our event management software a hybrid event can maximise your ability for high quality lead generation as you will be able to adopt the best strategies to engage your stakeholders online and offline allowing you to tailor the experiences best suited for capturing your target audience optimising ROI for you, your exhibitors and your sponsors.

Better Lead Generation and ROI​
Using Technology to Solve Offline Problems

Using Technology to Solve Offline Problems

When organising and hosting a hybrid event many bothersome processes that were once traditionally done by hand will be integrated and hosted on our platform. Because of this, many administrative and operational processes will now be automated increasing the efficiency to which you can host and manage your event. In particular, on our platform you will gain access to live data analytics and reporting helping you maximise your KPI’s and stakeholder experiences.

How do I choose between a Virtual Event or a Hybrid Event?

The Benefits of Virtual and Hybrid Events

1. Both are operationally and administratively streamlined with the use of our event management software. This promises efficiency and comparative cost savings.

2. Both provide the unrivalled global potential of the internet. By incorporating the online element our platform promises greater reach, awareness and engagement of your events.

3. Both provide a futureproof platform that is both affordable and easily scalable to provide bigger and better events through the leverage of technology.

The differences Between Virtual and Hybrid events

1. Hybrid events have the traditional physical element of events which some exhibitors and sponsors value. By having both the physical and virtual capabilities to interact with guests exhibitors and sponsors can choose the best format that suits their needs.

2. Virtual events will be cheaper to organise, host and manage due to not requiring a physical location and all the costs associated with setup, venue rental and staffing.

3. Virtual events require even less administrative management and planning as the whole event operations will be hosted via our platform online.

How EventX Can help - Key Technical Features

  • End-to-end branded experience
  • Virtual 3D demonstration capabilities
  • Integrated digital Registration, Ticketing and attendee management
  • Built-in 1:1 and group on demand video conference capability
  • Live and pre-recorded on-demand video playback
  • Live analytics tracking and analysis reporting
  • Scalable, stable and secure – First to be ISO 27001 certified in Asia


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