A Virtual Product Display Shows Off Your Stuff!

All the exhibitors at your virtual events will want to display their products.

Fortunately, the product display on the EventX platform provides an easily navigated marketplace for brands to display their offerings.

Virtual Product Display
Virtual Product Display Clear

A Clear Product Display

Products are shown in a simple gallery-stiyle interface where individual products can be recognized by users at a glance, with images and brand tags are identifiable.

Simple Virtual Product Display Navigation

Locating a specific product is incredibly easy in the virtual product display.

Not only can an item be found in moments by using the EventX universal search function but by selecting filters attendees can narrow down the items on display.  By choosing one or more categories, finding a product is a lot faster than at a physical shopfront.

Detailed Virtual Product Display Entries

Exhibitors can tailor product entries with as much detail as they’d like.

The product details screen includes the ability to upload multiple images of products and provide descriptions that can incorporate multimedia elements such as videos.

Users can also use the panel to find more products from the same exhibitor.

Chat with Virtual Product Display Vendors Directly

Does an attendee see something they like or want to know more about? Well, in that case, they can speak to an exhibitor about it directly!

Attendees can jump into a chat window for instant conversation with an exhibitor or can schedule a meeting with them for late with the schedule function!

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