Use the Best Virtual Event Management Software in Asia

Three Reasons Why We Are the Best Virtual Event Software Provider in Asia

  • Access the entire Asian market including China
  • Offices and partners all over Asia, so we can work to your timetable and your timezone.
  • Our dedicated team and software support all major Asian languages and dialects

These are the reasons how we serve our clients to the highest standards and that’s the secret as to why leading companies and major trade bodies in Asia choose to work with us.

Trusted by Leading Companies and Major Trade Bodies in Asia


Why Virtual Events in Asia Matter?

Many in Asia are Already Modernising their Events by Going Virtual

With the largest digital population in the world and the immense opportunities for growth in Asia. Many have already turned to technology to modernise their events. 

By going virtual, events are now able to engage a wider audience and capture their attention by offering an experience that traditional events are unable to. Without going virtual, your event in Asia may very well be left behind. We have already helped many events go virtual and we already have the expertise to help you too.

event go virtual
virtual event in different country

Events in Asia are Culturally Very Diverse and Have Very Different Requirements

With the diversity of cultures and customs in Asia and the speed at which society is adopting technology, taking your event virtual isn’t a matter of when but a matter of how. 

To meet the demands of your industry and yet fit into the diverse cultures of Asia, virtual events have to conform to local customs and cultures to be able to provide the best experiences possible. That is why you need the best 事件管理软件 and team available for the Asian market that is flexible enough to cater to your needs.

Better Lead Generation and ROI

By adopting our virtual event management software we can help you scale your event cost efficiently and extend its reach globally. By maximising your visibility and reach, your ability to engage high quality leads will increase severalfold. 

Furthermore, with our ability to capture live analytics you will be able to craft the best strategies with our reporting tools to ensure you engage your target audience optimising ROI for you, your exhibitors and your sponsors.

Discover the spending power of event professionals in Asia

Why Major Companies and Trade Associations in Asia Choose to Work with Us

Our End-to-End Platform also has End-to-End Language & Timezone Support

To ensure we can fully cater to the whole of Asia we have offices in 6 major countries and have hosted events in more than 100 cities. Speaking all 5主要语言 and a multitude of dialects, major companies and trade bodies come to us because they know that we will be able to help, support and understand them. 

From the platform language itself through to setup and post-event management we can support and serve you in your local language. No more out of office hour meetings and phone calls at awkward hours in the day because we work to your timetable and your timezone.

virtual event language
china access

We Have Access to Areas in Asia (including China) Where Many Other Providers Don’t

Due to the technological differences in different locales, we are one of the few virtual event management platforms that have been able to integrate our technology into all these locales to provide localised web and payment access to every major country in Asia. In particular we have the technological infrastructure and offices in China that allow us to navigate the unique Chinese internet, government and payment gateway requirements.

How EventX Can help - Key Technical Features

  • End-to-end branded experience
  • Virtual 3D demonstration capabilities
  • Digital Registration, Ticketing and attendee management
  • Built-in 1:1 and group video conference capability
  • Live and pre-recorded video playback
  • Live analytics tracking and analysis reporting
  • Scalable, stable and secure – First to be ISO 27001 certified in Asia


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