WEBINAR: Learn the Latest Event Trends in Thailand for 2021

Event industry behavior in Thailand during pandemic

Download for free the best practices for event trends in Thailand for 2021. Join leading event planning experts in a discussion around the future of events in Thailand and kick start your 2021 with hundreds of event and marketing professionals in Thailand

What you’ll find inside the webinar

1. Event Trends in Asia and Thailand after Covid-19

In the webinar, CEO of EventX, Sum Wong, revealed the latest statistics from hundreds of marketing and event professionals in countries like Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Malaysia.


2. Discover the adaptation of virtual events in different industries

Watch the webinar to see how event professionals, and your competitors are running different types of events with virtual events platforms.

3. If you are planning an event, this webinar is for you.

Learn how many attendees you can expect to gain by looking at statistics from those who have already made the shift from physical to virtual events.


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