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Sai Shunka

Ricoh Japan

  • “Very kind support and prompt responses.”

  • “Your support is wonderful!”

  • “The quality of support is very good!”

  • “Your explanations are easy to understand”

Sherine Chin Oi Lian

Asia School Of Business, Malaysia


“Great job by [EventX Customer Support Lead] Keiko So, who provided excellent customer service and explained the platform’s features to us in detail (many of which we never knew about when we previously signed up with the package) and how we could leverage these features to make our events better. Her flexibility, experience, and expertise with the platform definitely makes her a keeper for the company and offers great value to their customers.”

Ponraj Navamani

Slingshot Advertising

“The overall support received by us was excellent. I’d especially like to mention the help and support of [EventX Customer Support Lead] Keiko So, who was always there to answer all our questions and provide guidance throughout the project and during both days of our live event. We will definitely recommend EventX to our clients and to others. Thank You.”

Tanya Parshina


“Very fast, detailed responses answering our questions fully where possible, and asked for more information in a clear way when required.”

Frances Tang

DBS Bank (Hong Kong)

“The EventX virtual event platform is easy to use and we love it. It helped us create a wonderful virtual event experience and generate leads from all over the world. Thank you so much EventXtra.”


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