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Digitally collect and process leads seamlessly. The business card scanning adopts the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to be the first layer of lead capturing. We support double-sided card scanning to obtain the most comprehensive information.

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Free event management solutions for event hosts

Most app functions are included in the free plan. It enables you to digitalize every process, and keep track of the performance.


Go digital by eliminating the use of badge scanners, business cards and paper forms from your team.


Our solution automates the lead generating process from the event floor to your CRM system.

Digitalise when capturing 99.98% accuracy

The solution kills your pain of inputting collected business cards. The business card scanning adopts the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to be the first layer of lead capturing. We support double-sided card scanning to obtain the most comprehensive information.


Ask for information you intended to collect

You can set questions that you would like to ask your business potentials during a specific event. You will not miss the important points to qualify a lead.

Mark notes directly to the contact

Among the large pool of contacts that you collected, you can create tag to prioritise leads for future campaign follow-up and remind the lead potential.

Follow up in 20 seconds

Just need a click, you can use our standard templates and mail merge function to send personalised follow-up email immediately.

Event Reporting

Dashboard showing leads that break down by each team member or sales rep collected in particular event.

Contact Synchronisation

Simple and easy lead retrieval allows seamless integration with your sales & marketing database.

Data Protection

Our platform is built for ultra-safe and secure performances. Protecting your data is our obsession. SEE MORE DETAILS

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They (the attendees) can organize their leads after the conferences. The support that their guys (EventX) given us is incredible and we are really really appreciate what they do for us.

Kristina Neligan
Global Partners Manager, Web Summit
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When you have so many business cards, it is good to have an app be able to classify in terms of business selections through scanning of business cards during the fair when you see them straight after you meet the person straight away.

Exhibitor, Global Source Startup Launchpad

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