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Customize and host your unique registration forms with complete ease with our online event registration software. Host your page with EventX to build beautiful registration forms and personalize registration paths for every registrant in order to maximize your registrants.

Use our Free Registration Form Templates

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Manage your event registration forms to maximize leads and enter new markets

No coding required. Create your own dynamic event registration forms with just simple drag and drop. Get your virtual registration form created in minutes! 

5-Minute Registration Form Tutorial

Watch our Complete Guide to making your automatic registration process

Create beautiful online application forms by using just a few clicks. No coding required or technical knowledge required! Perfect for conferences, job fairs, exhibitions, trade shows, and conference meetings. Our virtual registration forms will be able to handle all registration requirements. 

Create Ticketing Processes on your Registration Form to capture leads

Our user-friendly event registration system is designed to flow with your ideas.

Create Tickets

Set up the price of tickets. Use different types of tickets to maximise your revenue

Make your own registration form

Let your guests know more about the event, especially the details and the aim.

Publish and Promote

Promotion is crucial after the previous steps. It draws awareness of potential attendees.

Build Beautiful Forms


Templates and Customizable Questions

You can create a form using our default templates. However, the platform also offers you flexibility in customizing questions on the form and tailoring your form designs with an intuitive panel. It is more than just a form, you can leverage it as an event landing page providing event details.


Multi-languages and Multiple Forms

Organizers can localize the form languages into registrants’ local languages. We offer language support in most Asian languages including English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese Indonesian, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, and many more. You can also set multiple registration forms to serve different target groups in registering to the same event.

Selling Tickets on Your Registration Page


Different Ticket Types

Multiple Ticket Types feature allows flexibility in selling different packages, controlling sales period, applying ticket approval mechanisms and more.


Discount Promotions

Boost ticket revenue of your event by creating discount codes and promotional offers to any early bird event joiners.

event-registration-ticket-revenue and-refund-eventx

Ticket Revenue and Refund

You can view the ticket revenue instantly on the platform. The system allows organiser to handle refund to any paid attendees in case of any request.

event-registration-payment-gateway- connected-eventx

Payment Gateway Connected

You can give the most convenience to your targets by selling tickets and collecting payments online. Our ticketing system supports fast and secure payment via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Manage attendees


Attendees Consolidation from Various Sources

Our platform provides you the option to import guest lists from spreadsheets or Eventbrite. It also helps consolidate all registration in one place.


Waiting List and Approval Mechanism

You can have approval mechanism to decide any of the waitlist guest can join your event and send confirmations to them via the platform.


Groupings and Segments

You can filter certain attendees and save them as a segment or assign them to be in different groups. This facilitates targeted follow-up.


Multi-session Management

You are able to create multiple sessions of your events and assign corresponding attendees to specific session.



Email Notifications and Organiser Communications

You can send RSVP invitation to the guests of the event. Meanwhile, you can make use of the Automated email feature to send out personalized emails like event reminder, thank you email, event updates and more to your attendees.


SMS Notifications

If you have your attendee mobile phone number collected and wish to reach them via SMS, you can simply turn on the feature and do it on the same event management platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Our system can send confirmation email to applicants automatically. Once you set a template, email will be sent after it receives new application. QR code (E-ticket) for check-in process is also included Please click here for more details.

You may set multi-lingual content for attendees from different region. We also provide localized ticket currency and payment method for you. Please click here for more details.

We support ticket selling for your event. You may set payment option on our EMS system. It provides different online payment method for your event. Please click here for more details.

Free Event Resources and Tips

Want more event tips? Click the blog below and get the latest advice from us.

Do Not Miss Out Your China Attendees

Due to the unique IT ecosystem in China, you have to take extra measures beyond language localization to connect with your attendees in China. You should be mindful about the below areas:


Tool accessibility


Legal compliance


Engagement habit

“The key benefit of using EventX is you're working with event experts with a lot of experience of providing registration pages and who from western point of view you’ve got the benefit of local market and also great communication.”
Andrew Cleary
Bluetooth Events Project Lead, Clarion Event

EventX platform has already built in with China features to assist you. Learn more from our sharing.

More Awesome Features You Can Enjoy


Promotion code


Multiple forms


WeChat share


Access code


Confirmation email and SMS


Data export




Session management


Google Analytics tracking


Multiple languages

Registrant approval

CRM integration

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