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EventX has been specifically designed to circumnavigate firewalls and provide an A-class experience tailored for the Chinese market. Generate new leads in the worlds fastest growing economy today. Read our case study here>>

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Cloudflare is available in over 160 data centers in China, thanks to its local partnership with Baidu, and JD Cloud & AI

How can you make your business available in China using virtual events?

If you want to tap into the China market without establishing a physical presence or maintaining a local website, virtual event hosting is a viable solution for you! Increase your Chinese leads and diversify into the Chinese market with Asias’ leading Virtual Event Platform.

That’s why EventX delivers our SaaS services through Cloudflare, an international CDN provider with local services in China. This means EventX is ICP licensed that runs as a single website which can work seamlessly inside and outside China without any issues. 

As a Cloudflare-enabled platform, our China website doesn’t use plug-ins like Google Fonts which can block a website’s loading time in China. EventX China webpage is fully optimized for China users, thanks to Cloudfare’s cdnjs!

Here’s how EventX virtual platform performs in China

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As a stable event hosting platform, audiences all across China can attend your virtual events in an average of 3.25 seconds. Your attendees will have no speed issues and will be able to stream your webinar and videos easily. EventX is the leading Virtual Events platform in Asia including China and has been created for smooth seamless access.

How EventX localizes your events in China?

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At an EventX China event, your local attendees can:
Outside China, international event organizers, speakers, and exhibitors can:
Success Case Studies

See how MNCs and internatonal event organizers win in China.

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Support Fapiao

Our registration and ticketing solution allows you to issue Fapiao in paper or in digital form, which is issued by the Chinese Tax Bureau, to your attendees.

Social-Payment Gateways

We accept ticket sales via Alipay and WeChat Pay, the two major payment gateways in China. What’s more, we enable you to promote your event registration form on WeChat easily.

Localized into Chinese

EventXtra website and its app are localized into Traditional and Simplified Chinese by native, professional copywriters.


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