Check-In By Facial Recognition

Use your face as ID for event registration to level up the speed and experience

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This video visualizes how your event would look like if you choose to adopt technology at the event registration or check-in zone. No long queue, no angriness while waiting. Your event can be as professional as the organization image.

Why Organisers Use This

Speedy registration at the counter

Your face is your ticket. You can be recognised in 3s in front of the camera. Facial recognition technology can now be used to eliminate the time spend for searching confirmation code or email at the registration counter.

Impressive check-in experience

“Wow” your attendees with the latest facial recognition technology and personalised greetings.​

Upgraded brand image

Level up your brand image via the adoption of state of the art technology.

How To Collect Photos For Face Check-in

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Ready to improve your events with tech?

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