Introducing our Stronger All-in-One Platform

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All functions in one single platform

As an event management technology specialist, we have acknowledged that marketing teams of many companies take the role both as an organizer and attendee. Therefore, to further enhance our clients’ user experience,  we are excited to share that we have now consolidated the functions of event organizing, lead retrieving and event app on one single platform. With our all-in-one platform, you can easily switch from one function to another to archive your goals no matter as an organizer or attendee.

Smoother user experience, with enhanced navigation bar UI

Accompanied by our enhanced all-in-one platform, we have also made an improvement on our navigation bar UI on our platform. You can now easily navigate into event organizing, lead retrieving and event app building functions on our platform.

Event marketing digitalized, with our Lead Retrieval function

Lead retrieval function is also another focus in this month’s product update. As observed from traditional event settings, it could be time-consuming and messy to exchange business cards in networking events as attendees may need to import contacts of potential busi

ness partners one by one after the events. This also makes doing follow-ups with potential clients or investors a difficult task for attendees.

Yet, with the introduction of our all-in-one platform, attendees can now make use of our lead retrieving function when attending your events.

 You can now digitalize your event marketing with our lead retrieval function, in which you can exchange contacts with potential clients by just scanning their business cards. These contacts will be imported into your phones instantly and automatically so that you can follow up with them digitally and fast. You can even start a chat or schedule a meeting with potential business partners so that you can won’t miss any business opportunity in the events.

Engage your attendees as much as you can, with our freemium event app

Last but not least, we are proud to announce that we are opening our event app for all users to experience. Event organizers can now set a basic event web and native app to experience how EventX can help with enhancing attendee engagement in events by functions like Q&A and live polling. With improved overall interactivity in your events, you can expect attendees to be more attentive as they won’t want to miss a part of your events!

Learn more about how we can transform your events with tech

With EventX, every step of your event management workflow can be digitally transformed. Sign up for a free consultation now to know more.

About EventX

Founded in 2014, EventX is a leading provider of event management software solutions specialising in Asia including China, for both event organizers and participants catering to over 135 countries and organizing over 10,000 events with over 5M attendees. The award-winning company offers both virtual and hybrid event solutions used by companies, organizers, and all leading trade bodies in Asia including HKTDC, Alibaba, Reed, and many more.
With features such as the interactive exhibition hall, dynamic exhibitor booths, online registration forms, webinars and interactive conference stages, EventX is the go to service for many organizations attempting to broaden their audience into Asia Pacific. Visit for more information. 

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