Four Easy Ways To Boost Event Attendance Using Social Media

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4 Tips to Use Social Media to Boost Your Event Attendance

Utilizing events to build brand awareness is an effective method for businesses to increase their revenues and grab the public’s attention. But when actually promoting your events like webinars and conferences, using social media platforms to advertise them provides several benefits at a lower cost, especially when it comes to boosting event attendance. The following four simple social media tips should help you boost attendance at your next event.

Create a Facebook Event Page​

If you plan on promoting an event, the first thing to come to mind should be creating a Facebook Event page, as they offer multiple benefits for promoting events on social media. Facebook Event pages offer a location for you to interact with attendees and respond to their comments and questions directly. Users can click on your event’s address to get directions to the event, and you can even add links and CTAs to encourage them to register or purchase a ticket.

What’s more, if there is an attendee register, Facebook will promote your event to your attendees’ friends and encourage them to show up as well, allowing event organizers to boost event attendance even further.

Use Hashtags to Promote Events

It is very popular among social media users to use hashtags, especially on Instagram and Twitter. Hashtags can link your social media content to a specific theme or event, and allows the gathering of information from every instance of the hashtag on a platform. When people click a hashtag, they can discover other social media content which has included the same hashtag. 

Creating a branded hashtag for promotions allows you to easily advertise your events. It provides an opportunity for you to advertise your event freely and gain greater exposure by spreading your event information rapidly, as well as boosting event attendance.

Gain Visibility with Social Media Advertisements​

Advertisements are really crucial for organizers promoting events. If you want your event page to reach larger audiences, paid social ads are one of the best options to promote your events and boost event attendance. Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads are usually mentioned when talking about social media advertising as they have a huge number of worldwide users. However, they are not the only options available and you should target accordingly. For instance, if your target audience includes people in professional groups, LinkedIn Ads is a great choice for you to promote your events on social media.

Increase Word of Mouth by Using Contests​

Instead of using contests just to gain likes for your posts and increase social media engagement, you can also use them to boost event attendance. 

Provide a contest prize that is relevant to your event to make your event the talk of the town, as well as boosting event attendance and creating numerous conversations about your event. In addition, try to offer some free prizes because hey, everyone loves a freebie. You could also invite people to do the following:

  1. Like the event’s post
  2. Tag three friends in the comment section
  3. Share or retweet the post

Start Boosting Your Event Using Social Media Now​

Boosting your event attendance with social media is one of the best options for gaining exposure and letting more people know about your event. 

To promote your event with a higher level of visibility, the investment of a small amount of money in paid advertisements is indispensable. Paid promotion strategies will help your event gain a lot of exposure and boost event attendance, with the advantages of investing in paid advertisements likely exceeding the costs. 


So, in summary…

Start promoting your event by creating Facebook pages, using branded hashtags to gain exposure for events, investing in social media advertisements like Facebook Ads and Instagram ads, and utilizing contests to gain word of mouth.


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